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Amanda Kim, M.D., MPH
Family Medicine with Surgical Obstetrics
Yilin Zhang, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Andy Ashbaugh, D.O.
Family Medicine / Sports Medicine / OMT
Anh-Chi Do, MD
Family Medicine with Reproductive Health
Antonio Pedroza, M.D.
Program Director
Dara Jolly, M.D.
Jon Neher, M.D.
Assoc. Director Curriculum Development
Nathan Cade, MD
Family Medicine
Patricia J. Stern, Ph.D.
Behavioral Medicine
Rachel Kopicki, MD
Family Medicine
Sarah K. Maitre, M.D.
Associate Director Clinic Operations
Tanya Rizzo, M.D.
Internal Medicine Pediatrics
Wuaca Luna, M.D.
Sports Medicine