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The Chief Residents at Valley Family Medicine are dedicated to fostering a program which runs smoothly for the maximum benefit of both our residents and our patients. We serve the residency while developing leadership roles by participating in weekly faculty and quarterly GME committee meetings. We care strongly about maintaining and fostering the strong culture at Valley Family Medicine through the active recruitment of excellent residents as well as through the hiring of new faculty members in support of a strong educational program. We strive to be responsive to areas for growth and improvement in the program, taking feedback from all the residents. As a voice for the resident body, we aim to create supportive, friendly, and rigorous opportunities for learning, simultaneously working side-by-side with the faculty and administration to foster this exemplary program. Overall, we know this experience as program chiefs will be an amazing opportunity that will establish a foundation of leadership in the healthcare setting for the rest of our careers. We look forward to this year, working to improve on our strong and vibrant residency program which we feel so proud to be a part of.

If you would like to contact us with questions about experience as residents at Valley Family Medicine, feel free to email us at Brandi_Boden@valleymed.org or Charles_Randolph@valleymed.org

Meet our former Chiefs from the 2020-2021 Academic Year: Kristin Thai, DO & Rachel Dubay, MD