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Our residency is only a 20 minute drive from Seattle.  You can find our residents living in Seattle (Capitol Hill, Columbia City, and past residents have also lived in Ballard and West Seattle), locally in Renton, Kent, and Auburn, and even in Bellevue and Maple Valley.  This area has so much good food, excellent restaurants and bakeries, farmers markets, outdoor and indoor activities.  Many of our residency enjoy kayaking or stand up paddleboarding around Lake Washington, Lake Union, Puget Sound & any other water nearby.  So many surrounding areas for day or weekend trips with good hiking and camping, including Olympics, Cascades, and Mount Rainier.  Snoqualmie hosts many nearby hikes for all seasons and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.  We definitely keep busy outside of the hospital!


Does it really rain all the time?

Actually no, it doesn’t rain all the time. The Seattle area receives only 36 inches of rain per year. That’s less than San Francisco, Chicago and New York. We just happen to get most of it between November and January. Most rainy days you’ll find that the precipitation is light enough that you don’t even need an umbrella, just a good rain jacket!

What is the weather like the rest of the year?

Seattle has a very moderate climate with mild winters and summers. The average summer temperature is 75 degrees, and there are less than 15 days a year when the temperature drops below freezing. Such moderate temperatures enable year-round outdoor activities.

What kinds of recreational activities are available?

Thanks to the mild climate, you can hike, bike, kayak and sail year round. If you’re into skiing or snow boarding, ski areas are only a 40 minute drive from downtown Seattle, and Whistler B.C. is a five hour drive. The Cascade mountains are also well know for rock climbing. Mt Rainier is good for day hiking or if you’re had-core, sign-up for a trip to the top.

Helpful Links

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What do our residents do?

See for yourself what our residents like to do in the area by checking out our instagram page!