4th Year Sub-Internships

Our program offers a four-week sub internship elective to qualified 4th year medical students. This family medicine 4 week experience is offered from August through February. The specific dates will be sent to you upon initial request regarding the sub-internship.

It is our goal to offer students a rotation that closely replicates the experience of a first year resident at Valley Family Medicine. To accomplish this goal students are scheduled in the family medicine clinic as an R-1 where they see patients independently.

In addition to the outpatient responsibilities the student is paired with an R3 on the combined inpatient medicine/pediatric service. The student takes call every third to fourth day (with a cap of three patients). The student manages these patients in conjunction with the resident team during the morning prior to afternoon clinic. An OB experience is available upon request.  Noontime didactics and R1 workshops are incorporated into the student’s schedule as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Valley Family Medicine does not sponsor Visas. Applicants must be US Citizens or have Permanent Resident status at the time of application.