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(Zeva) Daniela Herzog, MD

Daniel Herzog, MD

Pronouns: She/her
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Medical School: Ben Gurion University

I am a Canadian-Israeli-American. “Where are you from?” is never an easy question for me to answer. My family moved regularly throughout the US, Canada and Israel – living in five different states and two Canadian provinces, eventually settling in Victoria, British Columbia. Throughout all these moves, I developed a deep rooted love for the outdoors and no matter where I live – home has always been found by simply going out and pitching a tent in the nearest national or state park.

While studying anthropology as an undergraduate at Cornell University, I continued to indulge my love of international traveling – working on research projects in Madagascar and Nepal. I then worked in a neuropathic pain research lab at Massachusetts General Hospital before starting my medical training.  I chose to pursue medical school at Ben Gurion University in Israel to fulfill both a deep interest in global health and reconnect with the complicated place where my family began and I spent the first year of my life. I am thrilled to be moving back to the Pacific Northwest, and to be bringing my husband (Adam, a native New Yorker) and dog (Mojo) along with me.