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Valory DeLucia, MD

Residency Class of 2015

A native of the Pacific Northwest, I grew up in beautiful Puyallup, Washington. From a young age I was interested in social justice and activism, so naturally I went to UC Berkeley as an undergraduate. I spent several years post-college “finding myself,” waiting tables and participating in the vibrant Bay Area art and music scene. As fun as that was, I still felt I needed a larger purpose in life. Eventually, I came to see that in medicine I could both help individuals and have an impact on broader social issues. I had the great fortune of attending the joint program between UCLA and Charles Drew University, which is focused on training physicians to work in disadvantaged communities.

Continuing with this passion, my practice will be community health based, working with underserved patients in the greater Seattle area.

When not trying to save the world, I enjoy reading (especially sci-fi and classic novels), cooking, watching movies, and seeing live music.