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Tory Olsen, MD

Tory Olsen, MD
Residency Class of 2020

I was born and raised in the town of Sequim, and have always enjoyed spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.  I moved to Morocco after college to volunteer with the Peace Corps for two years.  While there, I worked primarily in youth development, but also was involved with various health projects.  I began to see how a career in medicine could positively impact both communities and individuals.

When I came back to the States, I started medical school at the University of Washington, with a goal of going into primary care.  During the last few years, I have been involved with a student group that provides HIV testing, and a student-run clinic for Latino patients.  I have been drawn toward family medicine because it spans a broad spectrum of medical topics, and also allows doctors and patients to establish long-term relationships.

A few of my interests within family medicine include public health, global health, and LGBTQ healthcare.  In my spare time, I enjoy kayaking and biking, cooking (especially Moroccan tagines), and photography.  I love being a part of Valley Family Medicine!