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Leanne Jones, MD

Residency Class of 2016

I grew up in Hawaii, but couldn’t handle the beauty and perfect weather so I relocated to snowy western New York for college.  I decided to become a doctor relatively late in life, after feeling helpless when witnessing widespread poverty for the first time while taking a class in Bolivia during my junior year.  I noticed that doctors were providing some of the most direct and immediate relief, which was so preferable to the frustration I felt, that I signed up for another 4 years in the snowbelt at the University at Buffalo School of Medicine.  My goal is to someday (soon!) provide comprehensive healthcare to the underserved, and I have a special interest in international health and obstetrics.

I’m excited to live and work in the Pacific Northwest.  I love the outdoors, although it’s hard to tell since after years of living in Hawaii and Buffalo I have yet to surf OR ski.  I will fix that!

After graduating from VFM in 2016, I have chosen to do a 2 year Global Health Fellowship in Massachusetts!