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L. Elizabeth Moreno, MD

L.Elizabeth Moreno, MD
Family Medicine Fellow

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – the Mexican state well known for its Tequila, Mariachi and beautiful women (proudly represented by two Miss Universe winners). I finished my medical education at Universidad de Guadalajara. I participated as a biochemistry instructor since my second year and coordinated experimental research projects in diabetes and epilepsy teaching and guiding medical students.

Although I was living in such beautiful country I wanted to explore a different health care system which could give a more comprehensive and integrative care for my patients. I then decided to come to the US.  My post-graduate medical training began with a preliminary surgical internship at Northwestern University.  Despite enjoying my time in the operating room, I found that I most enjoyed spending time with patients discussing long-term care issues.  I found family medicine to be the ideal specialty to continue to pursue developing continuity relationships with patients.  I joined Valley Family Medicine residency for my family medicine training.

Also having an interest in medical teaching, I am staying with Valley Family Medicine, this time as a faculty fellow.  I will spend the year further developing my teaching skills while on faculty with VFM as well as a participant in the Teaching Scholars program at the University of Washington.