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Amanda Berbert, MD

Amanda Berbert, MD
Residency Class of 2018

I was born in Hawaii and continue to enjoy visiting my relatives there, but I have lived in the mainland since age 8 when my family moved to Centerville, Utah.  During my teenage years, I loved playing soccer and doing the sport of luge.  Amidst seeing doctors for various sports-related injuries and volunteering at a community hospital, I fell in love with medicine.

I completed my undergraduate in neuroscience at Brigham Young University in Utah and then headed to University of Utah for medical school.  While on a family medicine rotation in rural Utah, I fell in love with the variety and continuity of the specialty.  I especially love obstetrics and pediatrics and plan to practice full spectrum family medicine.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy doing pilates, hiking, rollerblading, playing the piano, traveling, eating, and continually developing new interests.  I am excited to be in the Pacific Northwest now and explore a new area of the countr­y!   I’m very excited to st­art my newest hobby—kayaking!

Post graduation, I am starting a new practice in Boise, Idaho to also include teaching.