Rachel Dubay, MD
University of Minnesota

I was born and raised in Plymouth, MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities. A true Midwesterner at heart, I attended the University of Minnesota for both undergraduate and medical school. During my undergrad years, at the advice of my physician at the time, I began working as a nursing assistant at a long-term care facility; it was this job that helped me discover my passion for getting to know patients and their stories, and ultimately led me to pursue primary care.


During medical school, I quickly found my calling within family medicine. I was fortunate to participate in the longitudinal Rural Physician Associate Program which allowed me to work closely with family physicians throughout my third year, learning the unique role that we play not only in the treatment and management of disease, but in caring for the whole person. I have found that family medicine is the one specialty that allows me to fully explore all of my interests: preventative care, obstetrics and reproductive health, integrative medicine, and community involvement. I have a particular interest in working with underserved communities.


In my free time, I enjoy yoga (I’m also a certified yoga teacher), spending time with my husband, Kevin, and our cat, Nola, and being active and outdoors through activities like hiking, biking, and backpacking. I am thrilled to be a part of Valley Family Medicine and love to explore more of the Pacific Northwest!