Greg Jungwirth, MD
Ohio State University

I began in the small town of Keizer, Oregon, just outside of Salem on I-5. Graduating high school in 2006, I began my 8 year tour of the Midwest by attending the University of Notre Dame. Though I began on the mechanical engineering path, I quickly found it wasn’t for me. I redirected myself towards the field of Medicine after an influential mentor urged me to use my skills in critical thinking and communicating to work with people more directly and to help lessen suffering among those in need.

Naturally, I found myself drawn to Family Medicine, where the need for doctors is so great and the potential to change my patients’ lives so profound. While I have enjoyed pursuing interests in Endocrinology and Pediatrics as a medical student, I always knew that Family Medicine was the path that would allow me to do it all. I look forward to the opportunity to make long-standing relationships with my patients and their families, and taking care of people with richly different backgrounds.

After taking a year to work as a nursing aide at a nursing home back in Oregon, I pursued my medical degree for 4 years at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Along the way I was able to meet many great friends and, most importantly, my wonderful wife Tracy, who practices Pediatric Physical Therapy. We have always pushed each other towards better and fuller knowledge during our training, and I am lucky to have such a dependable and caring partner.

In my spare time, I enjoy finding outdoor adventures with Tracy, and our dog, Oliver. We enjoy exploring new places, sometimes hiking trails or biking. At home, we like to relax by watching some of our favorite comedies or playing dominoes. I’m an avid fan of both playing and watching soccer and tennis. And of course, Tracy and my Midwestern influence has made us passionate Notre Dame and Ohio State football fans.