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Residents – Classes of 2014 to 2016

Class photos of our current residents for 2013-2014 Academic Year

Class of 2014 (L to R): Kristin Parker (Chief), James Lee, Telly Russell, Jennifer Pense, Leticia Maragh, Eli Moreno (Chief); Back (L to R): Johnny Shum, Adam Stephenson
Class of 2015 (Front - L to R): Valory DeLucia, Tye Powers, Andy Ashbaugh, Melissa Calhoun, Taralee Adams, Angie Eakin; Back (L to R): Crystal Beal, Lindsay Gunnell
Class of 2016 (L to R): Devin Schock, Angela Zhang, Kate Uvelli, Ryan Cuny, Liz Stover, Leanne Jones, Samira Farah, Dan Brelsford